Women's Fat Loss - Part 4

Welcome to day #4. Today - we talk about a very controversial topic - supplements. If you have any questions, simply ask in the comment box below the video. Pete

Let's Talk Supplements

In an industry full of false science and snake oil salesmen, it's easy to be misled. Day 4 has been designed to separate fact from fiction and to clear up any confusion on the best supplements available.

What you'll learn today:

- The 3 "levels" of supplements for optimal health

- Why fat burners and protein powders are mostly worthless

- Hoe to save hundreds of dollars on supplements you do not need

Today’s Resource

For today’s lesson, I’ve put together an easy print out for you including workouts to follow.

You can download this document below. 

Tomorrow we look at the fifth and final lesson - which is all about mindset.

Talk soon!


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