You Are Dying


4,000 weeks. That’s all you have.

Think about the average life span today, and on average it is 80 years. For ease of math for simple folk like me, 80 years x 50 weeks = 4,000 weeks. I am 26 years old, meaning I’ve only got 2,700 weeks to go.

How many do you have left?

It’s really not a lot when you think about having 4,000 Monday mornings. Or 28,000 days.

I often think about this. And not in some morbid, ugly way. But in a way to inspire me to live a life of meaning and purpose and FUN.

I was reminded of the fact I’m dying when I read a fantastic article about mortality.

The author, Craig Weller, tells it slightly differently, but essentially it’s the same message.

Craig says we’ve got 28,251 days to live.

I highly suggest you read his article. He gave me an idea to start a “Memento Mori Chat”

On the top right, you record your birth date. On the bottom left, record the exact date of your 80th birthday. This is the average life span. The chart is 52 rows wide, and 80 rows deep, to represent the 52 weeks and 80 years.

Once per week, simply black out one square to represent each week.

“Every time I look at this, I remember that I am going to die. And that motivates me to live an incredible life.” Craig Weller

This task reminded me of the “rocking chair test” – a test where you imagine yourself as an 80-year old, and you are reflecting on your life so far. You ask yourself some basic questions…

What are the highlights?

Who are the people I’ve laughed with, loved, and shared amazing experiences with?

Who have I inspired?

What are the top 10, 20 or 30 special moments that would be on my highlight reel?

Make sure your highlight reel is FULL of uplifting, positive, appreciative moments. Because let’s face it, we’re dyeing day by day.

I mean that in a good way – make every day count.

Here is the article by Craig Weller Memento Mori- How Tracking Death Can Improve Your Life

Here’s a link to download your own Memento Mori Chart